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Roy Ridsdale studied Silversmithing at Sheffield School of Art then at the Royal College of Art,

He has has had a long standing interest in the craft tradition of making objects and this is evident in the way he constructs his drawings.

Since retiring from a career as an academic in Art and Design education Roy has returned to what he considers the universally fundamental skills of drawing and painting.

More of these objects can be found in the Hawley Collection and the Kelham Island Museum where they share the same industrial buildings.

The solo exhibition of his recent work at The Millennium Gallery Sheffield will be from the 28th Sept until the 4th Oct 2017






Artist Roy Ridsdale has regenerated the redundant machines and tools at the Kelham Island Industrial Museum and The Hawley Collection, by recognising their compelling presence as intrinsic works of art, and capturing that presence through visual representation.

Over the last two and a half years, Roy has been making drawings of machines, mechanisms and hand tools at Kelham and will be exhibiting them at the Millennium Gallery, Sheffield. The exhibition will also include the actual objects he has worked from, so the viewer can perceive how he has seen, and interrogated them, in his drawings. Roy has used accurate, illustrative drawing techniques, to entice the viewer to “examine the drawings and in doing so, see the object in a new light and perhaps share the discovery of its aesthetic quality. Roy says “ the way I have depicted these objects as abstract forms and structures dignifies them as works of art. I hope people will become more open to an awareness of the curious beauty of these forms and structures and that in doing so be reminded of Sheffield’s heritage. A heritage as a city whose media was steel and silver, and these objects the means by which that media flourished. Now is the time for their resurrection as works of art in their own right. I challenge any contemporary sculptor to create forms and structures as exciting as those I have found in these objects.”

Roy uses narrative passages on his drawings – by eminent poets, philosophers and fellow artists, and also some of his own poetic works, to help the viewer engage with the concept of functional objects being seen as art.

For example the poem Ozymedias by Shelley is used to give transcendence to a drawing of the redundant Bessemer Converter at the Kelham Island Museum.




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